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Comment by DeepWoods on February 20, 2014 at 3:29pm
Excellent! Congrats!


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[Vinyl Release] Nikosf. – Collecting The Moments

An absolute essential purchase for any dub techno fans. Unfortunately only available for vinyl players. Hopefully in the future this will be released digitally for everyone to enjoy, seems a waste of beautiful music to me. One of the best releases of 2014! Tracklist 1. the park from above 2. a womans nature 3. our […]

[Ambient Release] Within Reason – Farshadow EP

Within Reason is an atmospheric and ethereal dub influenced project with three releases on the US based Anodize label. The latest Within Reason release “Farshadow” continues the journey into the melding and transcendental fusion of field recordings and submersive electronic rhythmic variants. Within Reason is the nom de disque of Gregory Kyryluk, who also composes […]

[Dub Techno Release] Various – Landscapes Volume 2 (Eintakt)

2nd part of Landscapes Compilation on Eintakt stage. A unity from deep sounds, dub elements and house grooves. To tense an arc between the genres, like nature… a landscape with different influence on perceptions. Elements from stones, water, woods .. all takes effect together into oneness. Settle back to relish landscapes, recognize the simple things. […]

[Free Dub Techno Release] Substak/Triames – In Absentia

Second release of Eclectic Reactions, an EP by the Greek artist Substak and the Basque Triames. ER002 Substak/Triames – In Absentia EP by Substak/Triames

[Video] Alessandro Crimi – Space Cocktail (Insect O. Remix)

httpv://   Insect O. made a video for his remix of Alessandro Crimi’s Space Cocktail. The shots were taken in New York last year. The track has been released on ETUILTD007 Alessandro Crimi – Quantum Realm Remixes. Vinyl 12″ and digital is out in July 2014.    

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Dub music

Many dub techno fans talk about the techno element of the music, but rarely the dub side

Basic Channel Q loop & mutism vinyl

I was unware that this was getting released.....

Fatih Tuter - Wide & Shallow W/Remixes Part 2 [UNKT01] CD-R

[i]First release of our label is the second part of the Wide & Shallow project from Fatih Tuter. CD-r comes with remixes of Ruxpin, Derivate aka Havantepe and Fingers In The Noise. Original album released in 2009 without track no 8. 7 tracks, 55 minutes of pure bliss on offset printed CD-r's inside of natural/recycled handmade card sleeves with the artwork of Nivi Jasa.

Electronic Dub vs Basic Channel vs Monolake

Electronic Dub was released in 94, Basic Channel Eps/Comp came between 92-95, Monolake 'Hong Kong' was released 97. Just wondering why Electronic Dub does not get the same attention as Basic Channel, Monolake, or any other early artist of the early scene for dub-techno and dub-techno recognition ? Electronic Dub is more dubby then both BC and ML and even Chain Reaction label releases in most cases, as well as other artist that got dub-techno raves from the 90's. Electronic Dub also has a more unique dubby sound then most releases back then too, and even today! I find most of Basic Channel music more techno, then dub-techno, as with Monolake debut album(with a ambient/Idm edge), and Chain Reation label releases; which all used some dubby moments and sounds here and there - but weren't really dub-techno, though excellent releases, they do seem to get all the credit for bringing dub-techno - unlike Electronic Dub!

drum programmimg handclaps

so: i'm wondering why artists still use the annoying and out-dated handclap sound on their drum programming.

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