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Comment by DeepWoods on February 20, 2014 at 3:29pm
Excellent! Congrats!


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Dub Techno Blog

Sage Taylor – The Parallels & Rhythms EP

The second release on Dutch, Amsterdam based, label Shimmering Moods Records comes to us from Portland, OR composer Sage Taylor. The Parallels & Rhythms EP is comprised of two serene and beautifully glitchy ambient works on side A, and two warm and summery tracks on Side B. The first 50 copies of the EP will […]


Another excellent release from Idealist Music. Tracklist 1. Dub Taylor – “Urban Silence” 2. Idealist – “Soul” 3. Thomas Wood – “Flowing Ocean”

Freund der Familie – Freundlich (Telrae 024)

Freund der Familie have been in the Dub Techno scene for a long time and they certainly have delivered very fine releases on their own label and a superb remix for Sven Weisemann on our label Telrae. So this is their first solo 12 on Telrae.”Pacifier” is a brilliant sonic experience. A sun drenched and […]

Neil CB – Lost Our Way EP [Sublunary Records]

Sublunary Records from the Netherlands is ready for her 10th release. ‘Lost Our Way EP’ contains three beautiful deep tracks by Neil CB. This young talent from Alkmaar (NL) knows how to combine dark and mysterious sounds with a solid groove. ‘Seahorses’ is a deep and dreamy track, while ‘Lost Our Way’ is more like […]

Substak – Atmosphere @ Proton Radio 06-10-2014

New radio show from Substak. Tracklist 1.TicK – Dark Lights #1 2.Gapfield – It Vanished (Energostatic Records) 3.Randoom – Acordes Filtrados (Kopoc Label) 4.Midnight JJ – Obsession 1957 (reddye) 5.Liquom – Summer 14;41 (Kopoc Label) 6.AXS – Deistic (Cold Fiction Music) 7.Substak & Triames – L (Eclectic Reactions Records) 8.Aspect – Awake/Asleep (Cold Fiction Music) […]

Dub Techno Discogs Feed

Gas (in the year 2013)

Twitter rumblings suggest that Wolfgang will be reviving GAS next week at Boiler Room

New "not strictly Dub Techno" releases

Ok, this is something that I've been wanting to do for a while, since we have a "Dub techno ONLY" topic, and that when people post things in there that veer only slightly from the 4/4 kick/120bpm/chords template they get really yelled at, I thought to make a topic especially for recommendations of things that people who listen to dub techno might enjoy, but which are either not strictly speaking dub techno (maybe closer to techno or ambient or other forms of electronic music), or are but don't really bother to enforce that particular template too much.

Twerk - Otter - new 12" in March 2015

Finally I get to share this with you! We're going to be releasing a new EP by [a=Twerk] on [l=Erotus] in March. Here's the announcement: [url=]Post by Erotus on Facebook[/url]

Deadbeat vinyl box set

Looks like he's released a 6 vinyl box set of this first albums. Going for about $100

ROHS​!​012 CD/ EXL​/​PRJCT - In Perpetuum Extraneis

ROHS​!​012 CD/ EXL​/​PRJCT - In Perpetuum Extraneis

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