Track Notes - Dave Wesley - Viseu Vishuddha 94_9

Came together quickly...  always a treat when that happens.

Released here:  

20140714 - Trial Master

  • lower Wurli - much lower in volume
  • consider more minimal high end or shorter verb
  • consider different context for intro found sound

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Comment by Dave Wesley on July 14, 2014 at 6:00am

Cut 32 or 64 bars


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[Dub Techno Vinyl] Infinite Loops – Dirt EP

I’m sharing this release with you because I am utterly in LOVE with ‘Persiflage’. A beautiful, melodic, uplifting gem of a track. I’ve only recently discovered Night Time Drama, but be sure to check out their previous 2 releases as they are equally brilliant. Tracklist 1. Dirt 2. Persiflage

[Deep House Vinyl] Trevor Deep Jr. – Inspire! EP. (HPTY003)

Now this release is actually sold out on But I’m sharing it with you more for the great video that was recently released for it. The track accompanying the video is also my favourite jazzy house tracks in recent months. It alone is worth the purchase. Tracklist A1 AXW Keyboards [Keys] – Sven Weisemann […]

[Dub Techno Release] Coppice Halifax – Chemist Cloak

It’s hard to keep up with the amount CH releases every month but I stumbled across this gem of an album today. It’s available in limited cassette tape, CD-r and digital. Tracklist 1.Mk. I [Resin Peel] 07:06 2.Mk. II [Blacksmoke] 07:12 3.Mk. III [Soot Imprint Layer] 09:43 4.Mk. IV [Artefacts] 11:14 5.Mk. V [Red Yellow […]

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3 dubbed out, minimal, detroit tracks from Trevor Deep Jr. Tracklist 1.Trevor Deep Jr – Merge 06:51 2.Trevor Deep Jr – Blunted (feat. King Shorty) 04:59 3.Trevor Deep Jr – Believe Dub 07:21 Trevor Deep Jr – Tapes EP by · n s y d e ·

[Free Dub Techno Release] Glossata – Moss & Ivory

God I can’t believe it’s almost 2 years since Emily released her last (amazing) album.  Fortuneatly she’s back in 2014 with another excellent album. Like Pearls and Smoke this new album features a mixture of dub techno, melodic techno and bvdub-style ambient. It’s available for free so go check it. Tracklist 1.Eidolic Reflection 02:32 2.Lost […]

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g.r.i.t ?

Does anyone know if G.R.I.T is releasing or making any new music ?

New "not strictly Dub Techno" releases

Ok, this is something that I've been wanting to do for a while, since we have a "Dub techno ONLY" topic, and that when people post things in there that veer only slightly from the 4/4 kick/120bpm/chords template they get really yelled at, I thought to make a topic especially for recommendations of things that people who listen to dub techno might enjoy, but which are either not strictly speaking dub techno (maybe closer to techno or ambient or other forms of electronic music), or are but don't really bother to enforce that particular template too much.

Electronic Dub vs Basic Channel vs Monolake

Electronic Dub was released in 94, Basic Channel Eps/Comp came between 92-95, Monolake 'Hong Kong' was released 97. Just wondering why Electronic Dub does not get the same attention as Basic Channel, Monolake, or any other early artist of the early scene for dub-techno and dub-techno recognition ? Electronic Dub is more dubby then both BC and ML and even Chain Reaction label releases in most cases, as well as other artist that got dub-techno raves from the 90's. Electronic Dub also has a more unique dubby sound then most releases back then too, and even today! I find most of Basic Channel music more techno, then dub-techno, as with Monolake debut album(with a ambient/Idm edge), and Chain Reation label releases; which all used some dubby moments and sounds here and there - but weren't really dub-techno, though excellent releases, they do seem to get all the credit for bringing dub-techno - unlike Electronic Dub!

Dub music

Many dub techno fans talk about the techno element of the music, but rarely the dub side

Deepchord Remasters, DC 13/14/16 vinyl

Does anyone know if the DC 13/14/16 remasters will also be released as a 3x12" set, as were the others? Surprised to see that the cd version is already out, but not the vinyl

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