Track Notes - Dave Wesley - Viseu Vishuddha 94_9

Came together quickly...  always a treat when that happens.

Released here:  

20140714 - Trial Master

  • lower Wurli - much lower in volume
  • consider more minimal high end or shorter verb
  • consider different context for intro found sound

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Comment by Dave Wesley on July 14, 2014 at 6:00am

Cut 32 or 64 bars


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  • find way to glue together the lulls in the guitar ensemble with delay
  • add slow moving filter to one in the guitar ensemble for ongoing subtle variation
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Say what you will about streaming music robbing artists of their fair share (and it's true and most likely temporary)...  but the advantages of ubiquitous streaming and all access passes to deep wells of human musical expression for the curious and aficionados is totally fantastic.

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