This thread is for Ableton tutorial vids and other stuff that can be used with Live.

Embedded here is Dave Wesley's Ableton Tutorial YouTube Playlist:

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New Live delay options... Hidden with right-click.
Max for Live Sneak Peek

Max For Live Sneak Peak from max4live on Vimeo.

Gustavo Bravetti - Using Ableton for Composition - Differences Between Arrangement and Session Views... click here.
FxPansion DCAM Synth Squad Animator's Argpeggiator/Sequencer - Very Cool

Video - Transposing Clips in Ableton Using Keyboard Courtesy of the Covert Operators - Genius

Transposing Clips from Bjorn Vayner on Vimeo.

tutorial on step sequence editing in Ableton Live 8

Glitch Sound Design in Ableton

Sidechained gating. I've been using this one for years.

Covert Operators - Creating a Reverse Reverb Effect

Reverse Reverb from Bjorn Vayner on Vimeo.

Live mixing and mashups in Ableton Live

Ableton Live Minimal Tech House Tutorial



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STM 222: Yuji Kondo

Posted by Dave Wesley on May 25, 2017 at 2:00am 0 Comments

Don't sleep on this mix.  So inspirational to me.

Finally tired...

Posted by Dave Wesley on May 24, 2017 at 2:03am 0 Comments

I think I'm finally tiring of production tutorial and plug-in how-to spam...  Convinced that it's a conspiracy to thwart creative productivity.  So there.  Get wild and weird in the studio and f*** all conventions.



Mitigating Futz Continues

Posted by Dave Wesley on May 22, 2017 at 7:30am 0 Comments

A bit slowed down on production...  Have mixes and tracks due to other labels, etc...  But the new Xerography is out and 2 more to come over the next couple of weeks.…


Friends in Town - Permanently

Posted by Dave Wesley on May 19, 2017 at 3:09am 0 Comments

A hit (albeit pleasant) to studio productivity.  Back in the saddle next week.  I need to nurture my rep as being a prolific…


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Deep Diversity vol. 5 – Deep Electronics Compilation

Biggest thank you goes to ALL producers that have joined with this compilation. Album mastering by Rosto. Deep Diversity vol. 5 – Deep Electronics Compilation by Deep Electronics

Various Artist – Echo 0​.​1 EP

New vinyl release (I think its their first one) from Axaminer label. 4 solid tracks. A1 Tomas Rubeck – Tremelhof A2 Spigl – HZP B1 Michal Jablonski – Garden Wave B2 Liquid Delay – xc 9 Various Artist – Echo 0.1 EP by Axaminer Records

Viceversa – Twotwoone / Twotwotwo

After the great welcome of the first two releases supported among others by Raresh, Peter Inspirescu, Ricardo Villalobos. The enigmatic ViceVersa is back with the third chapter of this adventure full of mystery and fascination. Buy from

Max – Aural Water EP

5th EP of the French label Plaisir Records made by their new artist Max (Italy)!! Supports: Molly, Janeret, Jerome C., Chad Andrews, David Gtronic… With this episode, Plaisir Records wants to dive into a shinier universe, with House music accents but still with their minimal touch. With a real sense of discovering talent, Plaisir team...

Dub Techno Blog Live Show 099 – 21.05.17

Support Helly – It’s been a long wait I know but I have finally finished university and can now get back to the music. Thanks for the patience everyone, its good to be back! Support Dub Techno Blog and this show for as little as $0.04 per day via our Patreon page –

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